Monday, February 28, 2011

Closing for Mardi Gras

Due to Mardi Gras, the New Orleans community center will be closed Wednesday evening through Mardi Gras day. The World Peace Prayer meeting scheduled for the 6th, will be pushed back until Sunday, March 13th. Mississippi and Baton Rouge/Lafayette areas will still hold meetings as scheduled. For questions, please contact the appropriate person on the right of the blog. Happy Mardi Gras!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awaken to your personal mission!!

Our youth have been practicing so hard for Zulu! Hard work is paying off and this time next week, they will be wrapping up the last bit of practice! THEN ITS FORWARD MARCH TO ZULU!! Look for us!!

37 years ago, on March 14th, President Ikeda came to New Orleans. It was an impromtu visit because he was supposed to go to Brazil. Today, the Youth of SGI New Orleans met at the University of New Orleans to practice for Zulu. Chanting together not too far where President Ikeda met with the SGI members in 1974, fullfilling his wish for New Orleans.

New Orleans is located at the mouth of the Mississippi River, and once flourished as a port for exporting cotton and other agricultural products. It is also known as the birthplace of jazz. It could be said that the city’s prosperity was built on the suffering of African Americans, who made up the rural labor force of the American South. Wishing to see this place of such sorrowful history transformed into a place brimming with happiness, Shin’ichi poured his heart and soul into speaking with everyone he met. He also named the group of members who attended the meeting that day the Happiness Group. Through this encounter, the members awakened to their personal mission and went on to cultivate luxuriant trees of happiness and trust in their communities and society at large. (Human Revolution Volume 9 Chapter 2 Page 4)

Our Vice-Region YWD Leader, Olivia Saito, shared this chapter with the youth today, saying "In 1974, Sensei's plans to visit Brazil were canceled so he came to New Orleans instead. His deep daimoku to see Bodhisattvas of the earth emerge is the reason why I believe that over 30 youth will be gathering at the almost exact location where Sensei met with members 37 years ago. He arrived in New Orleans on March 14th, only 6 days after we parade in Zulu. In the NHR, Vol 9, Sensei talks about New Orleans and why he visited New Orleans in the first place."

So as we move towards March 8th, we will keep this in mind and at heart! Lets change the karma of New Orleans!!!


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